Mosin Nagant M91/30

Created: 4/25/2006
Updated: 6-11-2012

This was my first surplus firearm. Being my first surplus firearm and not being very knowledgeable on what to look for, my first purchase turned out to be not the best. I picked up an all matching 1932 Tula Hex receiver M91/30 for about $120. The stock is a bit beat up, but otherwise good. Its a arsental refurbished weapon and does not shoot very well. I had a chance to look at only two at the time. Not knowing and being assured by the salesperson that they were all in the same condition, I took one home. After adding another one, with a much better bore, I realized that my first surplus firearm puchase was not the best one. The rifling is a bit worn and the crown is worn more than my other M91/30. I have not shot my second M91/30 (1943 Izhevsk round receiver) but plan to do so shortly to see how well it shoots compaired to my 1932 Tula. The 1932 Tula has about 500 rounds through it since purchase. Shoots ok at 50 yards, and I can hit paper at 100 yards, but it looks more like a shot pattern than a grouping.

5/21/2006: Finally got to shoot my second M91/30. At 100 yards I can get 1 inch groups. Not bad for my shooting and not bad for shooting off a picnic table. I am very happy with this rifle.

Movie from 4/5/2005
Shooting the Mosin Nagant M91/30
1932 Tula Hex Receiver. Barrel well worn.

Found and interesting war time production Izhvesk M91/30.

There is no date on the barrel shank of this rifle. The receiver is a Izhvesk 1943 high wall round receiver. The date is missing from the barrel shank and the barrel does not appear to have been scrubbed at any point.

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